I started baking when I was little. In my house we only ever had homemade cakes – I didn’t know what a store bought cake was! My mum would bake for birthdays, but also every Friday for us to enjoy as a family. I loved watching my mum bake and started helping her when I could barely peek over the counter. As I got older, I started to help her, and eventually took over the Friday baking ritual. I loved to experiment, search for new recipes and witness my family enjoying my creations.


When I moved out to go to university, I stopped baking – shared flats were too small and occasions for baking rare. Only when I moved to New York, where cupcakes and cheesecakes are everywhere, did I rediscover my passion for baking. I visited almost every bakery in the city, took several baking classes -including one at Amy’s Bread (my favorite bakery in NYC) and the Institute of Culinary Education.


Very quickly, I realized that I was interested in the science of baking and the different techniques. I didn’t just want to throw all ingredients in a bowl, mix it, and make a batch of brownies. I desired to master making flaky puff pastry, cloudy meringues, buttery croissants, and ornate cake decorations. Even now, I spend hours watching youtube tutorials on how to improve my buttercream piping skills or how to feed that sourdough for my next bread baking Sunday.


Baking for me is science, art, creativity, rules, and meditation – with the result that brings joy to other people. There is nothing more fulfilling than watching people enjoy my baked goods! Food is a celebration and what better way to do that than with homemade baked goods?


I am also experimenting a lot with baking healthier treats by substituting ingredients with healthier alternatives. If you want to learn more about my approach to nutrition, head over here.


On this blog, you can find my favorite recipes that turn ingredients like butter, flour, sugar, and eggs into delicious and pretty treats for special occasions, or when you just feel like satisfying your sweet tooth. Some basic baking skills might be required …