With my passion for food and nutrition, there also comes a desire to do something meaningful for our community so that EVERYONE has a chance to enjoy good food. I am fortunate to have always had access to healthy food, excellent education, and lots of love and support from my family and friends. I am incredibly grateful for these things, which is why I want to give back and share some of what I have.


With that in mind, I started what I called ‘my little baking project’ three years ago. On a biweekly basis, I bake a cake or pastries for my colleagues at work in exchange for a little donation. Every dollar I receive is directly passed to a non-profit organization.


When I lived in New York, I supported these two amazing projects:


Planting Seeds of Hope – more specifically their urban farm, food justice and community building project called SWAG. My friend Alexandra, together with her partner and a couple of volunteers, are dedicated to providing the local community access to food and increasing educational and economic opportunities for residents in Newark, New Jersey. They have been collaborating with communities across New York and New Jersey for five years, and use the money to educate kids about farming, where food comes from, the importance of eating healthy, and the joy of cooking and eating fresh produce. I support this project because I believe it’s important for kids to learn about good food and how to make smart choices when it comes to nutrition!


Hot Bread Kitchen – a social enterprise that trains low-income immigrant and minority women to bake, with the goal of increasing their economic security and preserving valuable baking traditions. They also have an incubator program to support start-ups, bringing food entrepreneurship back to the historic public market, and aiding in the creation of jobs and food for the community.


When I moved back to Munich, I discovered the wonderful organization Über den Tellerrand Kochen München, a group that is creating lasting connections between refugees and locals by using the commonality of food and eating as a fundamental mean for cultural exchange.  Über den Tellerrand Kochen München organizes events where refugees and locals cook and eat together, giving the refugees an opportunity to build a network of friends, and allowing those in the community to learn about new cultures and traditions.


My little baking project still exists, and I am excited to continue giving back while supporting food-related non-profit organizations.