First of all, I’d like to highlight that I am not a certified nutritionist. Everything I share regarding food and nourishment is based on my knowledge, experience, and approach to food.


Food is fuel for our bodies and ultimately helps us accomplish the things we want in our lives. Food provides energy and nutrients to help us become the best versions of our selves. Therefore I find it essential to think about what to put into our bodies.


I’ve read many books about nutrition, tried several diets, and am always experimenting with what to eat to feel energized, awake, and focused. I’ve concluded that it’s all about balance and that if 80 percent of the food you eat is healthy, you are doing a great job. Healthy can mean a lot of things and could be different for each of us. Here are the principles I try to follow when eating healthy:


No processed food. Nothing that comes in a package, has unknown ingredients, or includes additives, etc.


Try to avoid any form of sugar. Especially the white highly refined kind, but also be careful with sugar alternatives (honey, maple syrup, agave syrup) and dried fruit (dates, raisins) as they still have the same negative effects – although they are definitely the better way to go.


No simple carbs. Meaning carbs that get absorbed quickly and create spikes in blood sugar levels. No white bread, pasta, sugar (see the previous point), or alcohol (yes, that delicious glass of red wine counts towards your 20% indulgence).


Cut down on dairy products. This is a very personal decision as I realized that I feel better when avoiding cow milk, cream, and cheese. I am still a big fan of yogurt and kefir because of the probiotics that lead to a healthy gut.


No sugary drinks. I’m not only talking about soda but also pure fruit juice and any drinks with artificial sweetener (see point 1 – no processed food).


These rules might sound strict, but I’ve discovered it’s actually easy when you stick to foods that are as close to their original form as possible. Think all fruits, veggies, legumes (beans), nuts, healthy fats (avocado!), lean, high-quality organic meat, and sustainably caught fish. and the best part: it’s delicious!


I’ll be sharing my favorite foods that are easy to make and will make you feel amazing!